Marrick Huisma

Marrick Huisma

Screenshot van Olga's ChatApp op een iPhone

Pictochat: Communication without text

Client Particulier via Friesland Zorgverzekeraar (Schoolproject)
Disclipines User Research, User Experience Design, Visual Design Picto's
Time period Midden 2016

A functional chat app with which Olga, a girl with a language and speech disorder, can use her smartphone just like other young people. With this application she can communicate independently through 'pictos' instead of words.

Since our target user group where not always able to talk to us, I mainly learned to observe their behaviour during this project. These observations include watching them perform their daily habits, seeing how they communicate and conducting a lot of prototype testing. In the design function is more important than form. I have mainly been responsible for the pictos, which are based on existing pictograms used by the end users.

Various prizes have been won with the project. The application has also been featured on Dutch national television.