Marrick Huisma

Marrick Huisma

Screenshot van de applicatie Insights op een iPad

Insights: Reporting for UX research

Client Graduation Project Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design
Disclipines User Research, User Experience Design, Interface Design
Time period End of 2017

Insights makes it easy to store results obtained from (qualitative) user research by dividing them into individual 'insights'. These insights are easily searchable, divisible and reusable.

The Challenge

Many companies these days gather information about the needs and wishes of their end users. During my internship at a digital agency I noticed that we lost much of this information during the proces.

Information loss can have various causes; people leaving the project, complex documentation or simply undocumented interviews. I wanted to solve this problem, so I picked this challenge as my graduation project.

My Solution

Insights is an application that bridges the gap between research and the processing of results in a customer journey map (CJM). Loose insights are linked in their most 'raw' form to a fixed position within a CJM, so that information in the journey can always be traced back to the source.

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In addition to linking insights to customer journeys, the observations, findings and hypotheses are easily searchable based on date, tags and type of research. Individual insights or sessions can also be shared safely with colleagues and stakeholders.

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The Proces

Prior to designing Insights, I validated the problem with other companies. It soon became apparent that a lot of digital agencies were struggling with the same problem. I also found out that there were already several tools on the market. However, these applications were mainly focused on collecting and analyzing qualitative data, while many agencies focus primarily on qualitative research.

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I then created and tested different solutions, varying from datasheets, timelines to personas. It soon became clear that most companies are working towards a user experience journey. These journeys have therefore become the basis of Insights, a tool in which you link individual insights to a position within the corresponding CJMs.