Marrick Huisma

Marrick Huisma

Screenshots van de applicatie Foodtag op een iPhone

Foodtag: Organize meals for everyone!

Client Bieze Food Group
Disclipines User Research, User Experience Design, Interface Design
Time period Start and mid 2018

With Foodtag (an internal start-up within the Bieze Food Group) you can invite guests for eating occasions. Based on the dietary requirements of your guests, products and recipes are automatically presented to the host.

Your friends, your invitations, your dietary requirements; all very personal. The design of this application is therefore based on the principles of conversational design in which the user is personally addressed and guided trough different flows.

Marrick conducting a user test

During the design phase of the application, much qualitative research has been conducted. For example, interviews have been held with people with food intolerances and the application has been tested several times by different target groups. This application is currently in development.