Marrick Huisma

Marrick Huisma

Screenshot van de applicatie Insights op een iPad

AkzoAssistent: Personal online assistent

Client AkzoNobel Coatings
Disclipines User Experience Design
Time period Mid 2018

An AkzoNobel-wide concept that shows an implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) combined with personalisation, without using a chat interface.

The video below (no sound) shows how the assistant can be integrated into the footer of an existing website (Interpon Coatings). There are two personal interfaces, one focusing on the visual aspect of the coatings (for architects), the other focusing on the technical aspects of the products (for technical consultants).

The interface consist of different 'cards'. The information shown on these cards is tailored to the user's role and the current situation. The user's role is determined by the user's account or by the patterns that the visitor shows during the use of the website.

Verschillende kaarten in de AkzoAssistent

It is important to note that we are not dealing with a chatbot here. However, at key moments a chat can be started with an product expert or an account manager. The right person will be automatically selected based of the current card.

Een chatvoorstel in de AkzoAssistent